Properties & Units

How Do I Delete A Property?

Deleting a property is simple. Click Properties on your dashboard Click the property you want to delete. It will bring you to the property Overview Far right on the screen, under the property address and any units, you’ll see Delete Property.  Bang. You’re done.

What is the difference between a multi-unit and a single-unit property?

When setting up a new property, Renting Well will ask you whether it is a multi-unit or single-unit: A multi-unit property is a rental property that has been divided into multiple units that are rented independently to different tenants. A duplex, a triplex, or an apartment building would all be multi-unit properties. If you’re operating a multi-unit property […]

How do I add a unit?

After adding a property, the next logical step is to add a unit (also referred to as an apartment, suite, or “door”). If your property is a multi-unit property then you must add a unit to correspond with each unit in the building. If it’s a single-unit property (like a condo or if you’re renting […]

How do I add a property?

You’ll be prompted to add your first property as soon as you sign in to Renting Well for the first time. Our trusty wizard will walk you through the process of getting your property portfolio set up in just a handful of steps. At any time while using the app you can click Properties in […]