How do I delete a category?

Deleting your categories is simple. Click Finances. Hover over the categories in the right hand side of the screen. Click the garbage can for any category you want to delete. Bang. You’re done.

How do I edit my categories?

Editing your categories is simple. Click Settings. Click Categories Edit the listed categories as you see fit. Bang. You’re done.

How do the contact lists work?

There are three kinds of contacts in the app: tenants, past tenants, and contractors. When you add a tenant to a unit their contact information will automatically be available by clicking Contacts in the main menu. It’s handy when you just need to look up a tenant’s contact information based on which property and unit they’re in. […]

How do I snooze a to-do?

We know that sometimes a reminder can’t be dealt with right away so we’ve given you a way to snooze your to-dos and be reminded again in the future. When you receive an email reminder from the app that a to-do is due, you’ll see a link to “snooze” it. Click that link and you’ll see links next […]

How do I create a to-do?

To-dos help you to keep on top of tasks, repairs, reminders, and obligations to your tenants. They’re simple to create: Click on To-dos in the main menu. At the top right of the page you’ll see a link to Add a new to-do. Fill out the form to include the task description, an optional due date (the app will email […]

How do I add a contractor?

Maintaining a list of good contractors is more than a good practice for any effective landlord. It’s imperative. Good help and good work can be hard to find in the trades. That’s why it’s important to keep an active list of professional tradespeople that are reliable, accountable, and ultimately meet or exceed your expectations. Hit […]

How does the logbook work?

The logbook provides a way for you to track anything (and everything!) as a landlord. What you choose to track is up to you but it’s really well-suited for logging things like: Communication with tenants Incidents (between tenants or between a tenant and you) Property maintenance Rent being paid late Serving an eviction notice, or A new tenancy Think of […]