Tenants & Leases

How do I add a lease?

Adding a lease is joyous. It means you have a tenant. Amazing! It’s simple to do. Click on Properties in the main menu. Choose the property you want to add a lease to. If it’s a multi-unit property, you need to have added a unit to the property. If it’s single-unit property you can skip the next step. […]

What do I do when I sign a new lease with new tenants?

Well, first off – congratulations! Signing a new lease means you’ve successfully rented out a unit, eliminated a vacancy, and are earning money! We recommend updating the unit you’ve just rented to the new tenant(s). Click Contacts in the app’s main menu. Identify the unit (and lease) you wish to update. Click the Update lease link (it has […]

How do I add a tenant?

You need to have a unit created before you can add a tenant. Renting Well requires that tenants be associated with a unit. When you’re setting up your property portfolio, our handy wizard will walk you through the initial steps of setting up your properties. If your property is a multi-unit property a unit exists inside of […]