To-dos help you to keep on top of tasks, repairs, reminders, and obligations to your tenants. They’re simple to create:

  • Click on To-dos in the main menu.
  • At the top right of the page you’ll see a link to Add a new to-do.
  • Fill out the form to include the task description, an optional due date (the app will email you to remind you on this day), tag the task (to a property, unit, or tenant), and indicate whether the task is completed or not.
  • You just added your first to-do! Who knew something so simple could be so joyous?

To-dos are handy for anything that requires a reminder. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a task like fixing a window, it can also be a way to pre-schedule maintenance – create to-dos to remind yourself to do seasonal jobs like clearing gutters, checking the roof, and inspecting the furnace. Setting a due date will trigger an email notification from the app, so set it and forget it – we’ll remind you!