Revenue and expenses are at the core of every landlord’s activity: money in and money out. Having an accurate and up-to-date snapshot of your finances is critical. Adding revenue or an expense items is simple:

  • Click on Finances in the main menu.
  • Under the chart at the top of the page you’ll see your Transaction history. At the top right of that section you’ll see a link to Add a new item.
  • That will open a form where you can enter what type of transaction you’re adding (i.e. revenue or an expense), the amount, an optional category, a description, a property or unit to tag the transaction to, and attach a receipt.
  • In addition to the above information you must also indicate when the transaction happened. That is, whether it was a one-time event on a particular date or whether it occurred multiple times (such as historical rent, mortgage, or insurance payments). You can choose different options to quickly create any number of weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, or annual transactions you require.
  • Note that every revenue or expense must be tagged to a unit or property in your portfolio.

Bang. You’re done.