Logging your historical finances – or what we affectionately call “backfilling” at Renting Well headquarters – can be done in one of two ways:


Repeating transactions

If you’re adding a large number of the same transaction on different dates (think mortgage payments or rent) then you can manually add those as you would a single expense or revenue item. By indicating next to the transaction date that you want to add multiple items, you can set the quantity and schedule to instantly generate any number of transactions in just a few clicks.

Batch add

If you’re entering a number of different “one-off” transactions then the batch add tool is the way to go:

  • Go to Finances in the main menu.
  • Click Batch add in the secondary menu.
  • You’ll be greeted by the batch add page where you can log transactions “en masse” to get your finances up-to-date in your fiscal or calendar year.
  • Ensure that you correctly attribute each transaction as revenue or an expense, that you have the correct dollar amount, and lastly that the items are properly categorized and tagged to the correct property.