Well, first off – congratulations! Signing a new lease means you’ve successfully rented out a unit, eliminated a vacancy, and are earning money!

We recommend updating the unit you’ve just rented to the new tenant(s).

  • Click Contacts in the app’s main menu.
  • Identify the unit (and lease) you wish to update.
  • Click the Update lease link (it has a little “spinning” icon next to it).
  • Enter the updated lease information and click the Update tenancy button at the bottom of the page.
  • Next, look at the list of tenants on the right. Assuming that new tenants will be taking their place, click the Archive link under each tenant’s name. This tells the app to “detach” them from the unit (you’ll still be able to access their information as past tenants).
  • Click the Add a tenant button to add the first new tenant. Do these for each tenant.

So awesome. If you are setting up a unit or property’s lease for the first time, the process is a bit different.